Ideas for Despicable Me Future Ideas

  1. The first page of the comic strip with Gru, Lucy, Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith, Agnes, and Grunior (the name I gave to Gru & Lucy’s baby for Despicable Me future).
  2. The second page of the comic strip of the family at a swimming pool.
  3. Gru, Kyle (his dog), and his minions at a nearby dog park in Gru’s village.
  4. Minions fighting off villain with a giant mechanical shark and try to blow the giant mechanical shark using a fishing line and a bomb as bait.
  5. The villain (with his partially-destroyed giant mechanical shark) launching a Great White Shark out of his shark cannon.
  6. My attempted humor: Gru serving dinner to his family and minions. It appears that Gru is serving “filet mignon” and the minions misunderstand what Gru is saying and respond with fright because the minions think it is “filet minion”.
  7. Minion sign language signing “2016”, the approximate release date for Despicable Me future film.
  8. I invented a “Lawnmower Stroller” for Grunior and for Lucy.
  9. A conceptual drawing of Grunior and what he might look like. I wanted to make Grunior look like a combination between his biological parents (Gru & Lucy).