Tom Thacker

Tom Thacker of Sum 41

This is a digital painting of Tom Thacker from Sum 41 that I created for his 44th birthday, which was on April 11th. In picture, Tom is seen playing a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop electric guitar. I was inspired to create this digital band art piece of Tom since I love Sum 41.

This piece of band art definitely captures Tom Thacker’s image. Areas of this masterpiece that consist of detail including his face, hat, bandana, earpiece, the strap for his guitar plus the wireless transmitter, and the Gibson Les Paul, along with the highlights and shadows on the entire image itself.

Despite that areas in such as his skin, tank top, pants and hat are very plain, that still doesn’t mean they are not full of detail. They are certainly detailed in regards to their highlights and shadows, and even the color tones along with where and how the colors were painted clearly defines the bones and nerves in Tom’s hands. Because Tom’s clothes are white, the folds in his clothes are super noticeable, and provide depth. Even the highlights and shadows on Tom’s hat provide depth and define the hat’s edges as well, since his hat is black. Upon close inspection, the brush strokes in Tom’s clothes and skin look slightly harsh since the colors do not fade into a gradient and instead are more solid and distinguishable, yet they do a decent job at defining where the highlights and shadows are. The colors of the guitar, especially the tints and hues, look much more clean and smooth than the rest of the image.

The reference image used for this digital painting was taken when Sum 41 played in Germany at Rock im Park in June of 2017.

  • Created by: Ethan Altshuler
  • Completed on: April 11, 2018