Mike Dirnt

Mike Dirnt of Green Day

This is a digital painting of Mike Dirnt from Green Day that I created for his 46th birthday, which was on May 4th. The bass in the picture is his signature model bass, which is the Fender Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision Bass. I was inspired to create this digital band art piece of Mike since I like Green Day.

This piece of band art captures Mike Dirnt’s image. Detailed areas of this masterpiece include his vest, the patch on his vest, the strap for his bass, his facial features, hair follicles, and tattoos along with the highlights and shadows on him and the Precision Bass. It is obvious that the bass is worn, since parts of the bass are slightly imperfect, meaning the paint is chipped off and the core wood of the bass can be seen underneath the bass guitar’s transparent color finish.

Upon close inspection, the brush strokes in places like Mike’s clothes and skin, and even the microphone and the mic stand seem to look harsh since the colors do not blend together to create gradients and instead are more solid and distinguishable. Yet they do a decent job defining the picture’s highlights and shadows, and also create good dissonance.

On Mike’s right arm are some stars and some names in cursive. Below the tattoos in cursive are some kanji, and to the right of the stars is a piece of a bone that is slightly tinted red, which is part of a skull and crossbones tattoo, since the curve right below the bone indicates the skull. I cannot exactly define everything else that is tattooed on his right arm, along with the tattoo on Mike’s left forearm. The tattoos on Mike’s left arm that have definition are some stars that look as if they are shooting stars, and an explosion behind a partially seen character of an animal that appears to be wearing the top of a black outfit, looking almost close enough to a business suit or blazer.

The reference image used for this digital painting was taken when Green Day played in in Inglewood, California at The Forum for KROQ FM’s Almost Acoustic Christmas concert in December of 2016.

  • Created by: Ethan Altshuler
  • Completed on: May 4, 2018