Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens

This is a digital painting of Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens that I made for his 32nd birthday, which was on April 24th. I was very inspired to create this band art masterpiece of Kellin since I like Sleeping With Sirens.

This piece of band art captures Kellin Quinn’s image, especially with his tattoos on his arms that are very detailed but partially seen due to his denim jacket covering the rest of his tattoos on his arms. Other detailed areas in the picture include his facial features, hair, his denim jacket, T-shirt, pants and vans shoe, and the folds in his clothing, along with the highlights and shadows on him. On Kellin’s T-shirt are three moons - a full moon in the center that is positioned between two crescent moons that are each partially covered, however one crescent moon is waxing while the other is waning. Below the moons on Kellin’s T-shirt is a spiral design that appears to be inside a large box since there is a straight line across and three vertical lines down the center looking a bit like the pi symbol.

The content inside the circle is undefined, yet the circle is divided evenly into eighths and random words appear to be written inside the circle. It is also unclear what the partially-seen writing below the circle Around the circle are some random symbols. Also, if you look closely, one of the earpieces is seen hanging around Kellin’s neck and is partially covering one of the crescent moons on his shirt. The line that appears to be coming down from the side of Kellin’s neck is the cord that the earpiece is hanging from and is connected to.

The reference image used for this digital painting was taken when Sleeping With Sirens played at the Vans Warped Tour in 2016.

  • Created by: Ethan Altshuler
  • Completed on: April 24, 2018