Joshua Woodard

Joshua Woodard of A Day To Remember

This is a digital painting of Joshua Woodard from A Day To Remember playing his Ernie Ball Music Man Classic StingRay 4 Bass. Originally intended to be created for his 32nd birthday which was on May 29, things took quite longer than expected. I was very inspired to create this band art piece of Joshua since I love A Day To Remember.

This piece of band art captures Joshua Woodard’s image, since it was specifically made to look like him. The logo on the tank top that Joshua is wearing is for the clothing brand Rebel 8. Other detailed areas in the picture include his facial features, hair follicles, and the folds in his T-shirt and pants, along with the highlights and shadows on him and the bass. If you look closely, you will see the number 21 tattooed on the middle finger of Joshua’s right hand. The way the lines on the body of the bass are created along with their shades of color make it obvious that the bass has a natural finish. The reference image used for this digital painting was taken when A Day To Remember played in Germany at Rock im Park in June of 2015.

  • Created by: Ethan Altshuler
  • Completed: May 2018