Chris Carrabba

Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional

This is a digital painting of Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional that I created for his 43rd birthday, which was on April 10th. The electric guitar in the picture looks like a Fender Telecaster but in fact is a Nash T-52 guitar, if you look closely. I was inspired to create this digital band art piece of Chris since I like Dashboard Confessional.

This piece of band art definitely captures Chris Carrabba’s image. There are areas of this masterpiece that are very detailed, which include his T-shirt, his facial features, his hair follicles, his tattoos, and the worn areas of the Nash T-52 guitar, along with the highlights and shadows on him and the guitar. The color of the Nash T-52 is Butterscotch Blonde. The areas on the guitar that are worn make it obvious that the guitar is aged and is a vintage model. The T-shirt Chris is wearing which reads “Friends Don’t Lie” is written in the same font, color, and format as the logo for the Netflix hit TV show Stranger Things, because that specific line is from the show.

Looking closely at this image, you can see that the brush strokes in places like Chris’s clothes, face and hands tend to look rough and since the colors do not blend together to create gradients and instead are more solid and distinguishable. Yet they clearly define highlights, shadows, tints and hues, along with creating a great dissonance. Some of the brush strokes on Chris’s arms still tend to look as if they could be cleaned up a bit to look less ragged, yet the colors blend much better together.

On Chris’s entire right arm are what appears to be spirals and curves, along with some flowers. I cannot exactly define everything else that is tattooed on Chris’s right arm, since the tattoos aren’t necessarily defined enough, unlike the tattoos on his left forearm of a koi fish, waves, and a few flowers which are more clearly defined. Next to the koi fish on Chris’s wrist is a partially seen black star that is cut off from the neck of the guitar.

  • Created by: Ethan Altshuler
  • Completed on: April 10, 2018