Ben Barlow

Ben Barlow of Neck Deep

This is a digital painting of Ben Barlow from Welsh pop punk band Neck Deep that I made for his 24th birthday, which was on July 22nd. I was very inspired to create this band art piece of Ben since I love Neck Deep, and I have seen and met them twice in person.

This piece of band art captures pop punk singer Ben Barlow’s image, especially with his tattoos that are very detailed. The tattoos on his right arm are mostly stars and dots. If you look closely, you can see some flames coming from a torch, a yin-yang sign, a heart with a knife stabbed through, and the word ‘persevere’ seen upside down from the picture’s perspective. On his left arm are a serpent, a jaguar and some claws, an eagle in front of a red sun that is perched on a globe behind a red rose, some cherries, a flower, a Mayan face, and a black spiderweb that is on his elbow.

Other detailed areas in the picture include his facial features, hair follicles, the two Mickey Mouse characters, the folds in his T-shirt and shorts, along with the highlights and shadows on him. Even the microphone’s cord casts a shadow on his right arm, partially covering some of his tattoos. The reference image used for this digital painting was taken when Neck Deep played in Munster, Germany at Vainstream Rockfest this past summer.

  • Created by: Ethan Altshuler
  • Completed: July 22, 2018