Animals Escape Fire:

The concept of this collage is that an ecosystem is being destroyed by fire. The ecosystem’s habitants are in desperate need of evacuating. However, the fires are burning the trees from the ground up, which means climbing down the trees is not a safe option for the animals to escape. Therefore, there is only one direction for the animals to go and that is up! Basically an aerial form of Noah’s Ark, this dirigible will transport the animals who do not have wings and cannot fly on their own to their new habitat - destination unknown! The dirigible is also a symbol of hope during situations of despair, like this one in particular. The silver lining in the hidden message behind this collage is that sometimes change is necessary in life, as it is inevitable. In addition to that, despite how difficult it may be to adapt to certain situations, there is always a solution. The mediums that were used for this project included cut out printer paper using scissors and an x-acto knife, which were then glued onto thicker paper with Liquitex professional matte gel medium.

  • Created by: Ethan Altshuler
  • Completed on: August, 2021