Ethan's painting just makes me smile... So happy. ~ Stacy Ober

...I've had the opportunity to see a bit of your work every year since you were a toddler. I knew you were talented but this site just blows me away. I'm checking out every one of your works and can't even imagine where you're potential will take you. Thanks for sharing. ~ Robby Goldberg

About the newsletter, "Highlight of my month! Keep them coming." ~ Angus & Nicole Dobbie

OMG this is so incredible. The portraits totally got me teary...he is so talented and I can just feel his personality come off the page. Love, love, love it! ~ Robin Dodson

BLOWN AWAY. SPEECHLESS. I have always said and believed that Ethan could become one of the greatest artists of his generation. I LOVE what you have created here. This website and showcase of his work is exceptional and so is Ethan. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. ~ Robyn Ritter-Simon

I looked at your website with my five and ten year old boys. Jason liked the robot and paper mâché venom and Evan liked hunger games. Very nice! ~ Mike Mapes